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How to have a velvet skin

on Senin, 22 Juni 2009

How to have a velvet skin

You’ve always wished to have a velvet-like skin? Here are ten tips which will help you accomplish your dream.
Warm water is adequate for the skin. A shower or a hot bath is great for relaxing, but it also diminishes the hydration of the skin by making it scaly. In order to have a beautiful skin you should resort to warm water showers.

Try to hydrate your skin as often as possible. An often hydrated skin gives you a velvet-like skin and you can feel this especially on winter, when cold air and low temperatures can easily make your skin feel dry. Use a hydrating cream every time you drench your skin, after you wash your hands and after you are out of shower.

Try using a smooth-out lotion. When you want to hydrate your skin use a lotion which contains smooth-out ingredients such as hydroxyl acid or salicylic acid.

Use socks as hidden weapons in fighting against dry feet on winter. When you get home, take off the socks and smear them with a hydrating cream. After that put on some clean socks. Your feet will become warmer and the cream will penetrate your skin.

Believe it or not, often depilation even on winter helps you in maintaining a velvet-like skin; by depilating you remove the death cell layer. A healthy skin layer remains.

Protect your hands in winter by using gloves when the temperatures are low. The cold air will dehydrate your skin and your hands will end by getting chapped with the cold.

Use a body lotion which contains alfa-hydroxyl acids. This is a perfect ingredient for turning the skin into velvet and also a perfumed shower gel for a beautiful smell of the skin.

Be careful when using hard soaps as some of them contain harsh ingredients which can dry the skin.

Don’t forget about the cuticles. This is the first body area which becomes annoying for you. Use every day an oil or a cuticle cream. ( )